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Snowmobiler Information

Adventure awaits just outside your door! 

Fleur de lis Motel is the best place to stay for snowmobilers in Hanmer! With the trail right across the street and a large parking lot, we have everything you need! 


The trail is highlighted above. There are several ways to access it.

Motel Snowmobiler Rules

 There is plenty of parking at the Fleur De Lis for your toyhauler on your next snowmobile trip. 

Snowmobiles may be parked in front of your room however please move them away from the guest doors while revving or during warm up.

Thank you for being respectful to other guests and our patrons.

Truck and Trailer Parking

If you wish to leave your truck and trailer overnight while you continue on with your trip, you can do that here! 

$25 per night plus taxes for truck and trailer parking.

NOTE: While you are booked in our rooms, your vehicle incurs no nightly charges.

motel snowmobiler parking spots.jpg
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